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We make sure to give you what you want because that’s when you’ll
truly be happy: At home in an Otey home, built just for you.

Kevin keeps his word.


We liked the plan first. Then we liked Kevin. On a Sunday afternoon, we took a drive and walked through an Otey home. We fell in love with the floor plan. And we really liked Kevin. A couple years later, we called in Kevin to modify another floor plan.

What we got is a wide open floor plan that’s great for entertaining. It has “wow” factor! It’s like walking into a mountain vacation home.

Homebuilders are notoriously late and slow. But Kevin is a guy who gets things done. He’s extremely demanding on his subcontractors. He keeps very aggressive time-lines, even setting up his subs several months in advance. Most important, Kevin keeps his word.

Another home nearby doesn’t even have drywall after 14 months. Kevin built ours in 120 days.

Kevin caught any problems in advance. He fixed things we would never have noticed including an entire granite countertop that he didn’t think was installed correctly. We love our home. Our house guests love it. And we don’t hesitate to completely recommend Otey Construction.

—Gary & Peggy, Summerfield, NC

We had no horror stories!


We’ve built several homes and this home is the nicest we’ve had. The quality is the best.

Kevin Otey showed us a model which we liked and because he was just so nice we decided to work with him. We really liked the layout, the quality of construction and the time line worked out for us, too, because we needed to move in by a certain date.

Everything went quite well with this house. We had no problems going through the process, even though we were in Indiana at the time. The Otey team was good about calling with updates and if we had questions they were there for us. It seemed like they were much more orderly in the buying experience than with some other homes.

We had a small list of little things to fix and Otey Construction has been very prompt on fixing those items.

How you get along with your builder has everything to do with the overall experience. By far this is the best experience!

—Gary & Patricia, Browns Summit, NC

We’re thrilled!

The floor plan was the biggest consideration. We had been looking at The Parade of Homes for the right floor plan. We found one we liked and worked with Kevin Otey to make several changes, including increasing the laundry room size, adding a detached garage and a niche for a china cabinet.

It was very important that we got into the new home on time, since we had sold our previous home and were living in an apartment with two kids and a dog. Kevin was excellent in meeting all his deadlines and his being on time saved us a lot on interest, so there was a financial advantage, too.

I’m (Chuck) a project engineer by trade, so I spent more time coming by than most people might and I was very impressed with the framing as well as the consistent work schedule.

Kevin gave us a to-do list and we got to pick out quite a few things…cabinets, hardware and so on. With each new stage it was more exciting to watch our house being built. When we started seeing “our touches” in the house we were giddy!

Of course you can pick out the best items but they also have to be installed correctly. The workmanship was excellent. The subcontractors were great. We’re thrilled!

—Chuck & Pamela, Summerfield, NC

We got lots more than we expected!

I saw an Otey Construction billboard and did some comparisons of their work with the other top builders in the market. What I found was not even close to what Otey was doing.

The first thing we noticed is where some builders might cut corners, Kevin—if anything—put in better stuff! There were lots of extras we didn’t expect, like skylights and careful detail. Kevin even had our propane tanks buried so they’re out of sight. My neighbor was impressed with the quality sealant installed on the foundation.

The craftsmanship stands out, too. The sanded finish on the hardwood floors is awesome.

Kevin drove us around to other homes and when we picked out a floor plan and my wife wanted to make changes, Paul drew them up and was able to make changes one, two, three with no added costs to the contract. Paul even advised us on things we DIDN’T need to help us get more for our money.

—Roosevelt Smith, Colfax, NC


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